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In the Fall of 2007 I found myself able to buy a baby grand piano. I knew that it would need work, but, since we were planning a move, and because I knew that the work would be very intricate, I put off doing anything about it. However, when the lid inexplicably jammed shut in May of 2008, I needed the piano within days, I decided to check out this new guy that a friend had told me about. Jamie appeared, in Hampton, within a few hours of my call and we were immediately impressed with his knowledge and with his passion for what he was doing.

To make a long story short, I entrusted the piano to him for a complete refit. He came and got the piano out of the house, has stored it for us for over four months, and has done the most beautiful, amazing job of bringing out what I sensed was buried in this neglected instrument. He's been fabulous to work with, patient and accommodating, and with a really deep interest in the finer points (most of which have gone over my head!) of restoring the piano. I'm just thrilled with the sounds he found in there and with the look he's restored to the casing. In addition, the service he provided and the extra care he took were way beyond the norm.

I can't recommend him highly enough. It would be great if he could get enough support from the community that he can stay around, and continue to do what he does so well.

Fran Dearin