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My name is Jamie Galbraith and I am a graduate of University of Western Ontario’s Piano Technology Program (2007). When I was accepted into this limited enrollment program, it was with the expectation that I would return home and pursue my career as a qualified Piano Technician in Southwestern New Brunswick.

Qualified Piano Technicians fulfill a vital role in any musical community. The program at Western is an arduous nine-month course, whose reputation draws students from across the globe. Being attached to one of Canada’s best music facilities is advantageous – there are many pianos to work on. The program is endorsed by many leading musicians, piano manufactures, and music faculties who have not only provided written endorsements, but hired graduates as well. This endorsement allows students to extensively tour the manufacturing facilities of Steinway, Mason and Hamlin, and Yamaha.

I tune pianos by ear with specialized tools, including a tuning hammer and mutes. When a piano is tuned, each note should sound clean and clear without any noticeable twang. The twang is produced when two or three strings are out of tune with each other from the same note.

My rates are competitive for this area. I charge $115 plus HST for a basic tuning within the Saint John Area. My Fredericton rate is $130 plus HST for a basic tuning.  I also travel as far as St. Andrews, St. Stephen, and Sussex, where the charge for a basic tuning is $140 plus HST.  New  to 2016 is a charge applied to tunings done in the evenings  6pm or weekends.

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